Mammoth Merchandise Trend Forecast Autumn 2015
Mammoth Merchandise Trend Forecast Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 Trend Forecast Jerseys


BATTER UP! Everything basketball and baseball related is IN in a big way this season. For garment types think flatpeak baseball caps, v neck tees with contrasting trim and loose styles. For prints think college fonts, giant team numbers and 3d embroidery for caps.

Trend Forecast Autumn 2015 Sleeve Print


When dreaded "inbetween weather" hits, the most marketable solution for your audience is a longsleeve tee. Bold monochromatic looks are a huge trend right now, so sleeve prints make the design pop. Simply select "Sleeve Print" while putting together your instant quote!

Trend Forecast Autumn 2015 Floral Bucket Hats


Bucket hat of the stars. Both males and females are sporting these and the kids are going crazy for them. And yes it is possible to emulate this allover print - simply get in touch with us and we can custom make any product you need to order.

Trend Forecast Autumn 2015 Dip Dye Tees


Quiet cousin to the ever-popular tie dye tee. This gorgeous, subtle dye effect is gaining a lot of attention lately, just as a heads up. Our dyers can create this look in any colour you can think of, and it looks incredible with a simple black or white screenprint overlayed on top.

Trend Forecast Autumn 2015 Bold Graphic Tees


Back to basics is anything but boring! Clean, modern graphics make a huge impact when done right. For garments think cleanline, modern cuts like the Staple Tee. For prints think GIANT max-width prints, monochromatic colour schemes, bold text and geometric shapes.

Trend Forecast Autumn 2015 Chalk Stenciling


Psst, did you know that Mammoth now offers GUERRILLA MARKETING SERVICES?! We are just a little bit excited to introduce our newest addition to the Mammoth family - Street Ninja! Chalk stenciling is just one of the range of new services we provide. See the rest at